Data Streaming Transforms the Post-Trade

Building a horizontally scalable trade capture system

Over the past 20+ years, intraday changes in the financial markets have often been treated as static, end-of-day events. As observed during market volatility over the last few years, throughout the pandemic, and with meme stocks, middle- and back-office systems can be choke points in post-trade processing. These blockages materialize as sustained outages when market events in the front-office are not processed fast enough, leaving customers exposed to financial risk as market volatility unfolds throughout the day.

The solution? A more agile development of processing power and access to data from current markets in the post-trade. Clear Street, a modern fintech, is leveragingKafka to build a clearing system that replaces legacy processes. A trade capture platform built on data streaming allows Clear Street to process multiple data feeds from different sources in real time, boosting speed and accuracy, increasing throughput, and reducing cost.

This whitepaper details how Clear Street uses data streaming to build and maintain a scalable trade capture system for our growing business.