Modernizing the brokerage ecosystem.

The cloud-native platform transforming capital markets.

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Institutional tools & services
Modern essentials for competing in today's complex, fast-paced markets.

Clearing and custody


Prime financing

White-glove services

Active trading

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Single-source platform
Building modern infrastructure
Old infrastructure makes markets difficult and expensive to access. We're fixing that.
We started with prime brokerage, an industry that has struggled to see any real innovation in decades. Our tech-first platform has redefined what it means to work with a prime broker - improving access, speed, and service for our clients.
We want to continue that change across all capital markets, for every type of investor - institutions, active traders, market-makers, and fintech apps.
Close to the metal
Our platform is built directly on the ground floor of capital markets. We’re integrated with central clearing houses and exchanges. We’ve agonized about our data model abstractions, created horizontal scalability, and crafted thoughtful APIs. All so we can create better product experiences.
Why Clear Street

A technology-first approach to capital markets

Access granted

Access to data should be fast, reliable, and instant. It shouldn't be inaccessible due to overnight batch processing. Our full service platform allows clients to access all their data.

Built for speed

Markets are moving faster than ever. Infrastructure needs to move with it. We make around 6,000 updates to our platform each year and are constantly refining our processes to help you move with today’s fast-paced markets.

Proactive service

High tech meets high touch. Open an account and start trading in days, not months. Thanks to our cloud-based technology, it only takes 14 days to onboard an institutional client.

Institutional tools & services
The essentials for competing in today’s fast-paced markets.
Electronic and high touch trading. Flexible, transparent, efficient.
Clearing & custody
Multi-asset financing.
Real time reporting
Giving clients access to critical data in real time, no overnight batch processing.
Capital introduction
Networking support for your growth.
Client services
Day-to-day account management support from experienced client specialists.
4 years
Platform launched in 2019

Combining highly-skilled product and engineering talent with seasoned finance professionals.  

$10 billion
Traded daily
Employees worldwide