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Release 0.3.0

October, 2023

Initial Portfolio Management System

Our Portfolio Management System (PMS) will provide historical performance analytics and attribution.


Historical Performance Analytics

Gain deep insights into the historical performance of your investments. Our PMS offers detailed data analysis and reporting, allowing you to track how your portfolio has evolved over time. This historical perspective is invaluable for making future investment decisions.

Attribution Analysis

With our PMS, you can perform attribution analysis to dissect the sources of your portfolio's performance. Understand which factors, be it asset allocation, security selection, or market timing, have contributed to your returns. This level of granularity enables you to fine-tune your investment strategy for maximum results.

Improvements and Fixes

Release 0.2.0

September, 2023

Initial Execution Management System

Our Execution Management System (EMS) initial release will allow customers to manage their risk by being able to send orders directly through Clear Street Studio.


Release 0.1.0

July, 2023

Initial Risk Management System

Risk Management System (RMS) initial release. Customers have access to real-time positions, PnL, and other metrics, which will also be available via APIs.

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