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Mar 8, 2023

We Are Here to Win: Clear Street’s Values

Chris Pento

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Since Clear Street was founded in 2018, we have worked tirelessly on our mission to build modern infrastructure for capital markets, with the goal of creating a single-source platform to serve all investor types, across all asset classes, globally. In order for us to deliver on our promise, we must understand the magnitude of our responsibility to the capital markets, the backbone of the global economy.

Our message to those who want to join us is clear: with the work that we do every single day, we hope to ensure the future integrity of the financial markets. It is with this world view that we are driven to rebuild the entire process from scratch, united as a team.

The market has responded to our vision, and we’ve made incredible progress in a very short period of time. In the last year alone, we’ve grown to almost 400 employees, onboarded more than 100 institutional prime brokerage clients, and we are now processing around 2.5% of the notional U.S. equities volume, which is roughly $10 billion worth of activity through our platforms. As our organization grows, we set out to capture the core values that define our entrepreneurial spirit and helped get us to where we are today.

These are more than just words on paper. They are guiding principles that see us through challenges, opportunities, successes, and failures, as we work towards achieving our goals every day. With that, I’d like to present Clear Street’s values:

We Put Client Experience First

  • We build extraordinary products and experiences to deliver on our mission to create the financial infrastructure that will serve the global economy.
  • We make every decision, and measure every outcome based on how well it best serves our clients’ needs.

We Are Here to Win

  • We are competitive and results-driven. Our performance expectations are high, and we demand excellence.
  • We only hire strong performers with deep intellectual curiosity, and are committed to the effort it takes to succeed.

We Think Big

  • Constraints breed innovation and scrappiness. Less is more — We are thoughtful about how we can make the most impact with the agility of a dynamic organization.
  • We are solving complex challenges that others shy away from, and we value those who run towards ambiguity and discomfort, rather than hide for fear of failure.

We Act with Integrity

  • The financial ecosystem was built on trust, and we honor this legacy by being completely accountable to each other and our clients.
  • We are honest, transparent and steadfast in doing what’s best for our clients and our firm.

We Are a Team

  • We bond as strong performers, and we succeed, fail, learn and grow together.
  • We value diversity — in ideas, cultures, and experiences — and respect one another. We are not driven by politics, agendas, or egos.

The future is bright for Clear Street. We run towards fires, not away from them. Even in rough waters and turbulent markets, our values are unwavering. We want to take on this mission with those who truly understand that our work is impactful and will drive our vision forward through exceptional results, every day.

To learn more about Clear Street, contact us.

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