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Jun 30, 2023

Integrity is Everything: Q&A with Derivatives Associate Director Jordan Brodsky

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When you start at Clear Street, you’re immediately presented with the opportunity to make a direct impact in your space. Jordan Brodsky is no exception. She joined Clear Street almost one year ago as Associate Director of Middle Office, Derivatives, and has spent her time running full speed and making her world turn.

Jordan was recently awarded an internal recognition for her above-and-beyond contributions to her team. We caught up with her to hear why she enjoys working at Clear Street and what she’s learned this year.

What are you most proud of in your time at Clear Street?

I am in a constant state of pride, most recently because we are in the process of implementing a swap platform to be able to expand the Derivative business. Opportunities to work towards building a business from the ground up are few and far between. Plus, I’m working alongside some of the best people in the business. This project is very special to me.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

I can’t pinpoint a specific moment, but it happened quickly and was driven by the people here. With each person I met, it was immediately apparent that they were smart and had interesting experiences.

At Clear Street, everyone wants to succeed both individually and as a whole company, which is rare. People see the potential in what we’re building and are excited about it. When I saw that, something clicked and I said, “Yeah this is it.”

Which value do you identify with the most and why?

Integrity. In my role, I'm responsible for making sure everything is booked accurately. The financial ecosystem was built on trust. We take this responsibility very seriously.

When we act with integrity, we are honest, transparent, and steadfast in doing what’s best for our clients and our firm - especially in difficult situations. It's the foundation for success.

What’s been your favorite Clear Street event?

I am a big fan of Clear Street’s Lunch and Learns, which are regular sessions where leaders and employees from across the company discuss their projects and goals. I typically go into these sessions knowing a very tiny part of what each speaker does, and leave knowing exponentially more. Learning more about what’s happening across the business gives me perspective on how I can be more impactful.

What three words would you use to describe Clear Street?
  • Cutting-edge
  • Evolving
  • Plugged-in

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