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May 15, 2023

Goal Setting for Clear Street's Future

Tania Zivkovic

Chief People Officer

We’re midway through 2023, and it’s already been a momentous year for Clear Street. We introduced a new set of values to guide us on our mission to build the financial infrastructure for today’s institutions. These values are guiding principles that see us through challenges, opportunities, successes, and failures, as we work towards achieving our goals every day.

Last month, we announced the second tranche of our $435 Million Series B funding round, which values our firm at $2.0 billion. As we enter Clear Street’s next chapter, this funding will support our expansion plans across new markets and asset classes, accelerate future product offerings, increase availability to all market participants, and offer solutions for clients looking to migrate to a single-source platform.

With that in mind, we are pleased to roll out a new Goal-Setting Process at Clear Street.

We’re connecting business goals with employee goals to ensure we’re all working towards the same outcome. These goals encourage career growth and give us a clear sense of direction, and clarity on expectations.

A few weeks into our first firm-wide goal-setting cycle, we’re happy to share that more than 90% of Clear Street colleagues have defined actionable goals for themselves and their teams, and are working with their managers to set our firm and employees up for success.

Firm goals set our course

Our firm-wide goals are instrumental inputs. It is from these objectives that our leaders set impactful business goals, as well as related team goals.

With the work that we do at Clear Street every single day, we hope to ensure the future integrity of the financial markets. It is with this world view that we are driven to rebuild the entire clearing and custody process from scratch, united as a team. The same ethos trickles down into actionable goals across product, sales, and client service:

  • Expand product and asset class offerings to serve new customer personas and include fixed income and derivatives.
  • Add new geographies to serve more of the global economy.
  • Leverage our unique technology to launch tools that decrease risk and unlock greater capital efficiency.
  • Be an invaluable part of our clients’ day-to-day experience.
Individual goals steer the ship

In defining our individual goals, we are honest, transparent and steadfast about how we can do what’s best for our clients and our firm as individual contributors and team leaders. Our firm-wide goals are cascading, and are broken down into relevant smaller goals for business or product, then further defined by teams, and finally individual responsibilities.

At Clear Street, we are competitive and results-driven. Our performance expectations are high, and we demand excellence. Our goal-setting centers around stretch goals, which are ambitious targets that encourage colleagues to go outside of their comfort zones and take on major challenges in order to achieve extraordinary results.

One of our core values is We Think Big. By setting ambitious targets and pushing the boundaries, Clear Street is fostering a culture of innovation, motivation, continuous improvement, and resilience that guides us on our mission.

Together we’re embarking on our goal-setting journey to define purpose and direction and provide a clear standard of success. We bond as strong performers, and we succeed, fail, learn and grow together.

We only hire strong performers with deep intellectual curiosity who are committed to the effort it takes to succeed. If you’d like to join us, we invite you to apply here.

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