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May 3, 2022

Expanding Our Engineering Leadership Team

Sachin Kumar

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Last month, I provided an update on how we are building out our engineering team at Clear Street. Today, I am very happy to announce the addition of a new senior leader, who will be joining our Engineering function.

As we continue on our mission to improve access to the capital markets by building better infrastructure, it is critical that we have strong leaders to help us shape strategy, set priorities, and coach our teams to not only do their best work, but continue to make Clear Street a Best Place to Work. The strength of our team directly correlates to the quality of our output. We will only succeed when we are all excited about the work, and working together.

With that, please join me in welcoming our new VP of Engineering,Prerak Sanghvi. Prerak will be joining us this June in a newly created VP of Engineering role.

Prerak Sanghvi

Prerak Sanghvi

Most recently serving as CTO of Proof Trading, I have long been a fan of Prerak’s work and his willingness to share ideas, be it through blogs on his projects or through conversation with his peers. He will be a key part of the Clear Street management team overseeing our Product, Securities Finance, Risk, Electronic Execution Services and Fact Data engineering teams.

We value mentorship and internal growth at Clear Street, and so I am particularly excited to share a well-deserved promotion inside the organization that coincides with the expansion of our Engineering team.

I’ve previously highlighted Emilio Schapira as a leader at our firm and am proud to announce today that he will be stepping up alongside Prerak as our second VP of Engineering.

Emilio Schapira

Emilio Schapira

Emilio has done an amazing job in his short time with us, leveraging his extensive engineering management experience from Google, and we’re thrilled to have him continue to do that at a wider scope. With this promotion, Emilio will oversee Clearing Data, Research & Analytics, Control, and Infrastructure engineering teams, as well as several other horizontal teams that we are incubating within more mature teams.

A huge congratulations to Emilio on his promotion and welcome Prerak! I continue to be blown away by the work being done across Clear Street and look forward to sharing more as our vision continues to come to life.

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